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How has the weather been for arabica coffee plants ?

Almost the entire world enjoys coffee,             although the coffee plants can only be grown in                          "The Coffee Belt"

The coffee plants needs specific weather conditions to grow well.

While some types of coffee plants are more tough like robusta and wild species, the arabica plant is especially sensitive.

The weather conditions needed to grow the best quality arabica plants

 🌡️  Between 18 and 21 °C

☀️ 4-5 hours of sunlight per day

🌧️ 4,16-5,53 average mm rainfall per day

Five of the areas that grow the best quality arabica in the world:

☕Minas Gerais - Brazil

☕Mount Hagen - Papua New Guinea

☕Sidamo - Ethiopia

☕Antiqua - Guatemala

☕Copán Ruinas - Honduras